South Africa

The company was established in May 2017 and has grown to be a market contender in terms of professional services through specialised skills and professionals.  Our clients are based across several industries and have expanded into Africa, the EU and UK.

The level of Business support is combined under one umbrella to ensure cost-effective support, market leadership, corrective and accurate management of your business requirements. 

Your Business is our Passion

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United Kingdom

The company has a global footprint throughout Africa to which several EU, UK and Africa Businesses already trust us to conduct professional and bespoke services in support of their industry norms, growth and service requirements.

The company was established in August 2019, prior to COVID, which hindered the market engagement and announcements.  We silently grew in the market by obtaining several clients for Financial Services, Payroll and Data Protection. 

As part of the Entreprenör Limited group in the UK, MJSC Entreprenör focus on bespoke services through out the UK and Africa.

Your Business is our Passion.

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